Centrica plc is a global public energy company that provides services to approximately 28 million customers in the UK, Ireland and North America and employs more than 33,000 people worldwide. The company's three business divisions are developing technologies and services in the fields of energy for homes and businesses, smart homes, electricity distribution, Internet-based products, gas detection and production.


Tigbur Group is specialized in the content of outsourcing solutions for last forty years. This is including a recruitment and placement of employees, community services platform that provides a remote home care and nursing services for the elderly and disabilities population, and security and guarding services.

Lifeview - a senior housing company in Melbourne Australia. The award-winning company in the field of assisted living offers diverse housing options in a supportive and domestic environment through exceptional care and supervision. The company has a network of assisted living facilities in the Melbourne area.

Incubit Technology Ventures is a technology incubator located in Be’er-Sheva and is part of the OCS incubator program. Incubit, fully owned and backed by Elbit Systems Ltd., is the first Hi-Tech industry-backed incubator.

​EchoCare Technologies at Incubit