Fall Detection

Senior falls are particularly frightening for those aging-in-place, especially if one is not within reach of a phone or has forgotten to put on their wearable emergency device. The EchoCare device monitors for fall detection 24/7. It can detect various types of falls, such as collapsing, slipping or falling from a bed. The system immediately alerts the remote care providers and/or caregivers to get help.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Analysis

ADL is a major indicator of wellness, as well as decline in an individual’s health and/or faculties. EchoCare’s monitoring system learns a person’s physical activity, home usage and walking profile (gait) – without cameras or a complicated network of sensors – and recognizes changes that might be identified as health deterioration and worthy of evaluation by a healthcare professional.

Sleep Event Monitoring

A decline in the duration and quality of sleep is common among Seniors, yet quality sleep is important to health and cognition. EchoCare devices identify and characterize restlessness, sleep deprivation and chronic apnea, as well as frequent incidents of vacating the bed for bathroom visits, night wandering, etc.

Bathroom Emergencies

The bathroom can present numerous hazards for Seniors, including drowning accidents in the bathtub, and slipping in the shower or on a wet floor causing potentially-serious injuries. The ECT-1330PC Senior Care remote monitoring device sends an alert, when such an event is identified, resulting in an immediate response from care providers and first responders.

EchoCare Devices Serve Diverse Remote Home Care & Senior Care Monitoring Needs

Emergency Situations

  • Acute falls
  • Drowning in the bathtub
  • Respiratory distress
    (e.g. hyperventilation or apnea)

Abnormal Situations

  • Repetitive falls
  • Out of bed when prohibited
  • Out of home when prohibited
  • Prolonged stay in bedroom or restroom
  • Wandering and abnormal motions
  • Overly sedentary

Preventive Monitoring

  • Health deterioration
  • Fall prevention
  • Sleep monitoring for anomalies
  • Cognitive decline