Non-wearable Monitoring Device
for Home/Room Environment

(ECT-1310PC / ECT-1210PC)

EchoCare Technologies’ ECT-1310PC is a non-wearable Senior Care Remote Monitoring System for the home/room environment. The system represents a breakthrough in supporting Senior Living, due to its ability to monitor both health and safety-related parameters using proprietary radio-based technology.

Installed on the ceiling, each device is able to monitor a 40-sq.m. area without cameras, to protect individuals’ privacy. Examples of other Use Cases include Fall Detection, Activities of Daily Living Analysis and Sleep Event Monitoring.

Remote Senior-care Providers can easily integrate EchoCare’s system into their solution to add robust capabilities, while consolidating all data within their own dashboards.

Model ECT-1310PC follows regulations in the United States, Japan and Australia

Model ECT-1210PC follows regulations in the European Union. (Soon to be released)

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
for Bathroom Environment


The ECT-1330PC is a non-wearable remote senior care monitoring system for the bathroom environment. Based on a proprietary radar that protects the health and safety of seniors, the system continuously tracks five essential body indicators to determine the person’s wellness: location, posture, motion, respiration and heart rate.

The system’s AI engine determines whether there is any emergency such as falling, respiratory distress or drowning in the bathtub, as well as abnormal situations such as a prolonged stay in the bathroom or bathtub.

Installed on the bathroom ceiling, the robust device is IPX5-certified and is able to recognize ambient interferences in the bathroom, such as the shower stream or movement of water in the bathtub.

Model ECT-1330PC follows regulations in the United States, Japan and Australia.

Advanced Technologies for Optimal Performance

Proprietary RF-based System

All of EchoCare’s remote monitoring devices employ a proprietary employ proprietary RF-based sensing that continuously tracks five essential body indicators to determine a person’s wellness:





Heart Rate

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engines

These body indicators are followed by classifiers and pattern recognition through the system’s artificial intelligence (AI) engines to determine when an emergency or abnormal situation occurs, immediately alerting the home care providers.

Machine Learning (ML) Engines

The system also employs machine learning (ML) to learn an individual’s activities of daily living (ADL), by monitoring physical activities, home usage and walking profile (gait); the system alerts caregivers of any significant deviation from recent behavior. This data is promptly uploaded to the EchoCloud for remote access by caregivers and healthcare providers.

Sample Dashboard Screens

Patent-Protected Technologies for Remote Monitoring

EchoCare Technologies has six patents registered in the United States and under process in Europe, related to its advanced technology and remote home care monitoring system. It is the most effective, safest* and simplest to deploy in its category.

*emission is 1,000x lower than a mobile phone

Superior Competence. Lowest False-Alarm Rates

These robust technologies enhance remote supervision of Seniors, as well as provide superior decision-making competence, thanks to very high-quality detection capabilities. As a result, the system has a very low false alarm rate.

Current Data at Remote Home Care Providers’ Fingertips

Operators have web access to the EchoCare site dashboard via the EchoCloud. All data may be easily integrated into 3rd party’s systems as Electronic Health Records for seamless access and control. (See sample Dashboard Screens.) All system modifications, personalization and upgrades are managed by remote download.