EchoCare for Senior Living


Monitoring of Health and Safety

EchoCare’s proprietary remote monitoring system helps ensure the health and safety of an active aging population that increasingly prefers the comforts of aging-in-place. EchoCare devices collect, analyze and ‘learn’ activities of daily living (ADL) as a baseline for monitoring Seniors’ physical and cognitive wellness. The system can then alert remote care providers to emergencies, as well as to changes in routine that are indicative of decline and the need for medical, social or other intervention.

Expert Evaluation of “Senior Situations”

Seniors experience falls due to balance and pain issues; they visit the bathroom more frequently as they age – including in the middle of the night – and they generally maintain a sense of routine in their daily schedules. EchoCare’s highly sensitive system has been designed to monitor these “senior situations”, without intruding on individuals’ privacy or pride.

Senior Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

A System to Reinforce Elder Care

EchoCare’s remote monitoring devices are ideal for senior homes and assisted living facilities to help staff ensure the health and safety of residents, especially when resources are pushed to their limits. The system adds another layer of protection for the institution by alerting staff to any irregularities and emergencies in real-time, preventing acute situations.

24/7 Oversight and Documentation

Because the system is designed for 24/7 monitoring, it is capable of identifying incidents that may be missed in between routine check-ups, as well as providing supporting data on health and well-being. Data collected by EchoCare devices is transferred to the EchoCloud, from which it may be sent to each resident’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and consolidated with the care provider’s data base.

Non-Wearable. Non-Intrusive.
Simple to Install.

EchoCare’s solutions have earned awards for their effective use of deep technology, coupled with user-friendliness. With no complex installation, maintenance and removal requirements, one overhead EchoCare device covers a patient’s room, no cameras and no wearables.